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Guide to 'Financial Planning'

7 Money Management Tips for Tough Times

This article comes from “Tips to Managing Your Money in Challenging Times” which is a publication prepared by The President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy.
Concerned Man from FDIC Consumer News Spring 2008

These 7 Money Management Tips are simple reminders to increase awareness of tools and resources to help you better understand your financial situation. It is important to keep your eye on the ball during times of financial stress. Various financial institutions are under stress and it is important to find out how your assets are protected. The FDIC insures bank deposits up to certain limits. The Securities Investor Protection Corporation insures brokerage accounts from fraud and insolvency up to certain limits but not for market losses. Also your car insurance, health insurance and home insurance help protect you from large unforeseen losses and you need to make sure you don’t let them lapse during these tough financial times.

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