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Teen Auto Insurance

Teen Auto Insurance is expensive because teenage drivers are four times more likely than Adult drivers to crash. We give some tips on saving on Teen Car Insurance and various articles and resources on how to better keep your teen safe when they drive.
Teenage Car Insurance is expensive but you can do something to help lower the cost. According to Liz Pulliam Weston of you can do 6 things to lower your teen's auto insurance. 1. Check with your Auto Insurance Company to see how they assign drivers to your cars. Some insurance companies assign teen drivers to your most expensive car which increases your insurance rates; while some car insurance companies let you pick which car your teen will be driving. 2. Good Grades can lower your teen car insurance rates by 10 to 25 percent by maintaining a B average. 3. Drivers Education courses can lower a teen's auto insurance by 5 to 15%. 4. Increasing Your Deductible can substantially lower your rates. 5. Buy a Safe Older Car. If you want your teen to have there own car then getting an older safe car is much better than getting them a new Ford Mustang. 6. Don't Report Small Accidents. Sometimes it is more cost effective to have small accidents repaired on your own and not run it through your insurance company.
Ways to Save Money on Teen Auto Insurance

How to Save Money on your Teens Auto Insurance

This is the article discussed above from Liz Pulliam Weston gives you many tips on saving money when buying your teenager auto insurance. She gives both short term strategies and 5 long term strategies such as Limiting Passengers in the car when your teen drives. Great article highly recommended.
Teen Auto Insurance Rates

Teen Auto Insurance Rates - Rate Explorer is a nice car insurance rate sampler. You can put in various criteria like accidents, speeding tickets, sample vehicle type and see what that does to the car insurance rate for teens. It is only a sample rate but it could be useful in giving you some idea of teen car insurance rates and you could use it as a teaching tool with your teen to show them what happens to your rates if they have an accident or get caught for DUI.
Cost of Teen Car Insurance

Cost of Teen Auto Insurance

This article from discusses Factors that influence the cost of teen car insurance including gender ( boys are more costly ), your vehicle, grades, deductibles, drivers ed, etc. at the bottom of the article they give some Average Teen Car Insurance Cost Examples, too.
Teen Driving Study Allstate

Teen Driving Study by Allstate

A good article from Allstate conducted online interviews with 1,063 teens about teen driving. The some take aways from this teen driving study was that 1. Texting is a teen's biggest distraction behind the wheel. 2. 51% of girls reported they are likely to use a cell phone to talk, text or email while driving, vs. 38% of boys. 5. Good news is that 92% of teens report wearing a seat belt 4. Fear of Social Rejection means only 59% of teens will speak up if they are uncomfortable or scared as a passenger. There is more good information in this study for teens and their parents. Give it a read.
Teen Driving Risks Narrow by Gender

Teen Driving Risks Narrow by Gender

The Chicago Tribune reports that while the overall risk factors for teen girl drivers are less than for teen boy drivers. According to a new study girls are picking up some of the boys bad habits like speeding and aggressive driving. Currently young males are a bigger risk for insurance companies so young male drivers have higher auto insurance rates than young female drivers, but the insurance companies are watching this and girls rates for teen car insurance could be rising. Apparently twenty years ago it cost twice as much to insurance male teen drivers as female teen drivers but today young men just pay around 20 to 30 percent more than young women for auto insurance.
Best States for Teen Driving

Best States for Teen Driving

US News and World Report created a ranking of the Best States for Teen Driving. They looked at 1. The percentage of teens with Driver Licenses. 2. Teen Driver Deaths per Year 3. The percentage of teen driving deaths involving drugs and alcohol, 4. Teen Driver's license laws and 7 other criteria. While DC came in as the safest State for Teen Driving that was only with 2,914 teen drivers. The second best state for teenage drivers was California with almost 1,000,000 teenagers driving.
Auto Insurance for Teenage Drivers

Auto Insurance for Teenage Drivers gives 10 suggestions to help lower your teens auto insurance premium. Including 1. Keeping their Driving Record Clean, 2. Setting a good example with your driving 3. Ride with your Teen whenever you can, 4. Put your teen on your own policy, 5. Give your teen some of the Good Grade Car Insurance savings if they keep a B average and they give 5 more useful tips.
Teens and Auto Insurance

Teens and Auto Insurance

The Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association has an instructive page on Saving Money on Teenage Car Insurance Policies. There are some similar tips to other pages I mention but they also have a FAQ section that answers a lot of car insurance for teen questions. At the bottom gives some Colorado Teen Car Insurance Premium Examples. Overall a very good article.

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